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Agrolux is part of Hawthorne Gardening Company, the largest manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic products in North America. Hawthorne Gardening Company is a subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro, the world leader in lawn and garden products and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SMG).

Agrolux is producer of assimilation lighting for horticulture

We distinguish ourselves based on advice, service and quality. We produce our own luminaires and export them to clients worldwide. Our broad knowledge, extensive experience and our smart and innovative technological solutions, makes us stand out in the horticulture branche. We will happily provide you with good, honest advice that fits perfectly for your company and possibilities. But you can also count on us for fast delivery of lighting luminaires or parts.

Ever since our establishment in 2002, Agrolux continues to grow yearly in size and production numbers. Our employees come from diverse sectors of horticulture. Because we have practical experience we know exactly what we’re talking about and can therefore provide you with the best advice about the best and most efficient lighting for horticulture.

Working Safely with LED Lighting

Innovation in greenhouse lighting has led to the adoption of LED lighting in horticulture. With these advancements, questions have also arisen regarding the human health risks associated with working under LED light. Stigas and Glastuinbouw Nederland, in collaboration with the Dutch Association for Lighting Technology (NSVV) and Wageningen University & Research (WUR), have compiled a leaflet containing measures that growers can implement and choices they can make to ensure that working under LED lights is risk-free. As a leading supplier of LED lighting, we endorse the contents of this leaflet.
View the leaflet here


Agrolux is a proud partner of CPMA and van Glase.

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