Agrolux WEGA Eco Output: Up to 2200μmol/s
Agrolux WEGA Plus Output: Up to 2750µmol/s
Agrolux WEGA Max Output: Up to 3700μmol/s

Grow lights for professional horticulture

You can find everything you need for lighting your horticultural business at Agrolux. In addition to a wide range of grow lights, we also offer professional service and maintenance for your horticultural lights. Agrolux distinguishes itself on the basis of advice, service and quality. Because we have our own large warehouse, we can deliver almost all our products and parts from stock. This way we can realize your wishes in a short period of time and you will quickly have the desired grow light.

LED fixtures

With the WEGA family, Agrolux offers a high-quality, energy-efficient LED portfolio for optimum efficiency in greenhouse horticulture. A high luminous efficiency, optimum light distribution through a patented lens and a constant light output. Constant quality is guaranteed by testing in its own Research & Development department and largely in-house production.

HPS fixtures

In your lighting plan, we determine exactly how we want to illuminate your crops for optimal growth and yield. It clearly states which lighting technology we advise for your situation from our wide range of systems, fixtures and reflectors, and in what numbers and distribution.

Private: Grow lamps

The number of types of growlamps for greenhouse horticulture is enormous. For example, you have incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), HPS lamps and LED lamps. Which type of grow light you need depends on your crop and your situation. Our range includes all types of grow lights from all leading brands and our lights are suitable for all types of fixtures on the market.

Fast, worldwide delivery

Agrolux is a global supplier of assimilation lighting for greenhouse horticulture. We produce our own fixtures and export them to customers worldwide. Our fixtures, lamps and reflectors are often available from stock, so we can deliver quickly throughout the year and realize your requirements at short notice.

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