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First Aid Lighting Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential for the yield of your lighting installations. For this reason, Agrolux Nederland developed the concept “First Aid Lighting Maintenance”. The representatives of our “First Aid” team can give you professional advice about the maintenance of your lighting installation.

Bulb measurement

In our testing laboratory we measure the aging of the bulbs in the bulb of Ulbricht. The aging of the bulb is measured in Lumen and Umol. We can also measure the spectrum of the bulbs.

Reflector measurement

In our testing laboratory we measure the contamination of reflectors. We determine the contamination of the reflector with the use of a new “reference-reflector” hood. Based on the results you can choose whether you want to clean or replace the reflectors.

Luminaire measurement

In our testing laboratory we are able to measure your luminaires technically. Harmonics, temperature, usage and output of the luminaires are all values that can provide a clear picture in energy use and the temperatures of your installation.

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