Syngenta NC, USA is full of trust

Research Centre Syngenta opts for Agrolux armatures.

Syngenta is known all over the world as the number one specialist in the cultivation and breeding of new types of seeds and crops. For example, Syngenta is busy in North Carolina with the development of corn, cotton etc. For these types of research, extremely light quantities are required to imitate the climate for a natural habitat for the crops. For this project, Agrolux managed to realise a light level of approx. 650 umol/m2/s1 or 50,000 lux. This project is completely focused on mimicking the desired climate. Syngenta can move or get rid of such an extensive amount of temperature without breaking any rules thanks to this research facility.

For Agrolux, this was a first to realise such an extent of light quantity. As can also be seen in the photo, it looks like the ceiling consists of ALF 1000 armatures. Agrolux is very happy with the choice of Syngenta to opt for Agrolux. The trust that a large and global company is placing in Agrolux says a lot about the credibility of Agrolux.

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