Boon Lelies – “Proud of results”

In September 2019, the installation with Agrolux fixtures was successfully completed at J. Boon lily nursery, better known as Nico Boon. Nico had other fixtures hanging, but these had to be replaced after some time. Nico Boon chose to look for other fixtures and decided to do business with Agrolux.

We are not only proud of the new relationship we are building with a new customer, but we are especially proud of the result. The result is that we have been able to hang 986 excellent Agrolux fixtures to the complete satisfaction of the customer!

“Yes, I am satisfied! What a bowl of light when I walk from one department into another. Very happy with my choice of your fixtures. Thank you for the good service” - Nico Boon

Customer satisfaction is key to us. With a satisfied customer like Nico Boon, we can move on to the next projects with confidence!

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