Experience and customer service

LED’s grow together!

Highest quality assimilation lighting
Reliable custom advice
Smart, innovative solutions
Dutch, contemporary design
Fast, global delivery

Agrolux has extensive experience in various sectors of the horticultural branche.

We have existed since 2002 and have grown into a big and important player in the market. Throughout the years we have extended our team to consist of the required experience and expertise. Our co-workers are from all areas of the horticultural branche and have the answers to all your questions. If Agrolux doesn’t have the answer, no-one does…

We are pleased to advise you

More than just being a supplier of lighting products we also have an advisory role. We are pleased to answer your questions on lighting as well as greenhouses in general, installations, activities, crop etc.

No two gardens are the same…

Agrolux strives in finding (together with the client) a suitable solution for every garden, wherever in the world. No two gardens are the same. That’s why Agrolux considers every garden individually. No standard solutions but customisation! We work together with you to provide you of the best advice for your specific situation.

Short delivery time

We deliver big quantities of diverse products worldwide. Service is our number one priority. Our delivery time is always as speedy as possible. Agrolux works together with different transporters to ensure that all products inside and outside the Netherlands gets delivered on time.

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